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A Sweetheart Deal and the Cultural Commons: Battle for Venkatappa Art Gallery

by The Phantom Lady Cynical governments, greedy corporates and paid mobs are invading our intellectual and cultural spaces in a pincer move, squeezing out all independent thought and creative action. Karnataka artists are fiercely opposing the state government move to hand over the official state art gallery in Bangalore to a corporate collector to rebuild […]

India Moderna / Delhi Modern

by The Phantom Lady The Phantom Lady ruminates on the heritage of modernism in India after seeing a show of Madan Mahatta’s architectural photographs curated by Ram Rahman in Delhi. India Moderna / Delhi Modern I just saw a fabulous exhibition of Madan Mahatta’s architectural photographs from the 1950s to the ‘80s curated by Ram Rahman at PhotoInk in […]

Performing Bodies / Thinking Bodies

The Phantom Lady interviews Smitha Cariappa about the very successful performance art festival she organized with Bar1 at Bangalore recently: LIVE ART 2011. Phantom Lady (PL):  Smitha, the LIVE ART 2011 Bangalore International Performance Festival you organized recently for Bar1 was so ambitious in scale and thoughtful in conception, I have never seen anything like […]

Lady on a Bicycle

For this issue, the Phantom Lady invites her friend, the cultural theorist- curator-art critic N. Rajyalakshmi to interview Archana Hande about her thrilling bicycling tour of Switzerland. N. Rajyalakshmi (NR):  Ms. Archana, I am very curious to hear about your cycling project in Switzerland. Did you know that learning bicycling was an important part of […]

The Artist and the Archive

The Phantom Lady looks at the role of the artist today and sees her as a messy archivist; as a detective looking for clues rather than a modernist hero… The Artist and the Archive Artists are like scavengers who use various kinds of references in their work, thereby creating their own archive out of disparate […]