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Postcards from Benode Behari Mukherjee

by Paroma Maiti There was a time and age when the e-revolution had not minimised the world into one compact global village; when sharing information or emotions was not a mere click away; and when patience was indeed a quality that had to be cultured and cultivated over months and years of tireless waiting. That […]

The Cinema and the City

by Hemant Sareen Cinema and the city are both sites of human life intensified by commerce and its social and cultural consequences. These conjoined twins sustain each other, and thrive. They appear in each other’s dreams and nightmares. ‘The Cinema and the City’, at New Delhi’s National Gallery of Modern Art – a touring exhibition […]


by Deepika Sorabjee How enticing is it for an artist trained in museology to be invited to introduce his contemporary practice into a museum space that is hardly contemporary in its display or architecture? L.N. Tallur, who studied museology at M.S.U. Baroda, in his ‘Quintessential’ at the Dr Bhau Daji Lad City Museum, makes quintessential, […]

Staging Selves

by Deepika Sorabjee There’s no escaping the gaze as you enter Sakshi gallery for ‘Staging Selves: Power, Performativity and Potraiture’ there are all kinds staring at you. To Walter Benjamin, “it is no accident at all that portrait forms the centerpiece of early photography. In the cult of recalling absent or dead loved ones, the […]

Hold On

by Deepika Sorabjee In the soaring May temperatures of Mumbai, the atmosphere was considerably cooler at Gallery Maskara. There were icebergs and melting ice; virtually and literally. Highlighting a world of constant flux, ‘Hold On’ brought 5 artist’s works together to “explore the conceptual, material and sensory thresholds of ‘holding on’: they grasp, retain and sustain, […]