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The Cherry and The Spoon and The Cherry and The Spoon – Ode to Claes Oldenburg

by Himali Singh Soin You drive From east to west In a small red car with Nothing but a spoon in your pocket Into whose mirror you scour the corn Expanses; from whose slick surface you scoop up a Cherry and Nibble on the Tops of a ghostly cake You take accidental bites of The […]

Calder’s Model Universe

by Himali Singh Soin There is no better model for me to choose Than the universe: Sense of motion space volume Knowledge of the cosmic Sympathy for the human Variation between the elements of life Not extractions but abstractions Resembling the real only in its manner of reaction I begin with shapes because they are […]

Pink Elephant in Bathtub

by Himali Singh Soin This is a poem inspired by Manjunath Kamath’s ‘Pink Elephant in Bathtub’ which both parodies and affirms the elusive guerilla artist, Banksy’s famous pink elephant in ‘Home Sweet Home’. The pink elephant is the thing that is big and bright and bursting forth before us, the superfluity that we birthed and then yearn […]