Masooma Syed	 Title: Jacob's Creek	 Size: 23" x 18" x 9"	 Medium: Woman's Panty, Hair, Feathers and Wire	 Year: 201

Latitude 28


13th October – 13th November 2012

New Delhi

Email: latitude28@gmail.com
Anoli Perera, Benitha Perciyal, C Douglas, Manisha Gera Baswani, Masooma Syed, Muhammad Zeeshan, Mohammad Wahiduzzaman, Shivani Aggarwal, Thomas and Renée Rapedius
Tactile – a quality deeply linked to the sense of touch. It is a palpable rendition of character in a feeling, a frame of mind, a visceral response; an adjective that makes tangible as metaphor, elusive ideas or the texture of a distant memory. It represents more than a physical faculty. In fact, it transcends such corporeality to help assimilate the experience of sensory perception. And to visually evoke tactility can become an interesting exercise, a necessity, or even a compulsion.As we debate a post-medium condition where boundaries of media and material fall apart to create a space where anything goes, if the artist should say so, a new relevance emerges for materials and media. Diverse as they may be, and despite categories and hierarchies dictated to them going defunct, the fact that the work is indeed a ‘material’ object remains. Thus, the deliberate selection of a particular material over others informs the work like never before. A free-flowing interaction between different media creates a space through the invalidation of their isolated relevance, where re-evaluation and new meaning-making occurs. More than the material itself, the visceral qualities of a medium is important to any aesthetic practice. Fixating on tactility, media and material ranging from traditional watercolours to fishnet panties and bric-a-brac conspire to evoke their own tactile natures as a sentiment, a mood or an emotion that registers in the visual realm.

Julian Opie, Woman in sari with baby. 2012 © Julian Opie, courtesy Sakshi Gallery (India)

Sakshi Gallery

Julian Opie

23rd October – 21st November 2012


Email: office@sakshigallery.com
Phone Number: 022-66103424
Julian Opie                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

“I make exhibitions in response to the venue – the architecture and the setting of the gallery or museum or public space. Having said that, I am moving through ideas and projects all the time and when I have a show to do it will of course reflect my current interests and enthusiasms. Making art is like mining. You dig and see what you find, and if it’s good you keep digging in that direction. At the moment I am expanding into new areas of portraiture while also spending a lot of time making landscapes. The Mumbai exhibition will show both these themes and at points these merge. The landscape project is all about walking – walking through space. It is the view outwards, from the body and the individual. The paintings of people walking are the view from the outside looking back at people. The rest of the works are portraits of faces.” – Julian Opie

Manisha Gera Baswani, Sprout

Gallery Espace

hope is the thing with feathers

12th October – 10th November 2012

New Delhi                                                                                           

Email: art@galleryespace.com
Phone Number: +91-11-26326267
Manisha Gera Baswani                                                                                                                                  .

The act of painting for Manisha is a 360 degree exercise. It allows meditative time, a structured discipline and immense personal gratification. She delights in the viewer’s interpretation, for she does not weave any message through her works. There is no pre-meditated blueprint – just a blank sheet to allow a natural outpour of expression and in that way she let the work guide her. Manisha Gera Baswani’s imagination is sparked by fantasy. She is more concerned with the deeper spiritual reality than the mundane existence of things. In the process, there is a range of worlds she creates. The viewer is given the choice to have different encounters. Her experiences are episodical – threaded together by a language, personalized through memories, beliefs and values. The artworks too are reflective of distinct phases of her life, each a separate chapter of an ongoing odyssey

Proposed Cybermohalla Hub for Sarai Reader 09

Devi Art Foundation

Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition                                                                                       

18th August 2012 – 15th April 2013



Phone Number: 0124-4888111
‘Sarai reader 09: The Exhibition’ will involve around 100 artists, practitioners and researchers invited through an open call. Artists, researchers, scholars, curators, critics, filmmakers, writers, performers, dancers, musicians, magicians, activists, scientists, photographers, archivists, architects, poets, journalists, and more, are invited to make proposals that can be timed for specific durations. See call for proposals at http://www.sarai.net/practices/media-forms/sarai-reader-09-exb
‘Sarai Reader 09 : The Exhibition’, is a contemporary art exhibition (18 August 2012 – 15 April 2013) at the Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, curated by the Raqs Media Collective. The exhibition takes the innovative interface between the arts, research and sociality incubated by the Sarai Programme at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, over the last decade, as its point of departure. Involving around 100 artists, practitioners and researchers invited through an open call, the exhibition will take the form of a series of unfolding proposals and episodes that gather incrementally to produce a densely connected body of work. Unfolding over nine months, ‘Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition’ will not only bring new works to the public, but also crystallize a new vocabulary around practice and engage with new ways of making and thinking about art. ‘Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition’ is a collaboration between Devi Art Foundation and the Sarai Programme at the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (Delhi). ‘Sarai Reader 09: The Exhibition’ at the Devi Art Foundation is supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi, and the Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute), New Delhi. See more at: http://www.sarai.net

Pushpamala N. "Return of the Phantom Lady (Sinful City)" 2012 (detail)

Nature Morte

The Return of the Phantom Lady (Sinful City)

23rd September – 2nd November 2012


Email: info@naturemorte.com
Phone Number: 0124-4010443
Pushpamala N
From 1996 to ’98, Pushpamala created “Phantom Lady or Kismet,” the artist’s first “photo-performance” work comprised of 25 black-and-white prints. Billed as a Photo Romance and shot in the film noir style, the thriller starred Pushpamala as not only the Phantom Lady but also her doppelganger, the lost twin sister The Vamp. The work acquired a cult status and has been exhibited all over the world, prompting the artist to create its sequel. In “The Return of the Phantom Lady (Sinful City),” a set of 21 color photographs, The Phantom Lady gets caught again in a dark web of murder, intrigue and foul play in contemporary Mumbai. Shot in seductively rich colors in various cinematic sites of the city, the work was conceived for “Project Cinema City” and exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Krishna, by Seeema Kohli

Forum Art Gallery

Raas Leela of Unconditional Love

27th September – 25th October 2012


Phone Number: 42115596 / 97
Seema Kohli, A.V.Ilango, K.Muralidharan, S. Nandagopal, Biswajit Balasubramanian
Forum Art Gallery presents ‘Raas Leela of unconditional love’ to coincide with the Chamba Rumal – ‘Paintings in Embroidery’ Exhibition showcased at Forum as part of Kaivalam Art Summit in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the 17th General Assembly of the World Crafts Council that will be held in Chennai, India from 7th to 10th October 2012.

7 Oceans, 7 Continents

Grosvenor Gallery

Olivia Fraser: Miniatures

1st November – 16th November 2012


Phone Number: +44 (0) 20274847979
Olivia Fraser                                                                                                                  .
Grosvenor Gallery is proud to present its forthcoming exhibition, Olivia Fraser: Miniatures, opening on 1st November 2012. The exhibition will coincide with Asian Art in London week. Olivia Fraser (born 1965, London) earned an MA in Modern Languages from Oxford University before studying at Wimbledon Art College and moving to India in 1989. Initially, her work produced in India followed a program of Western watercolour painting, specialising in architectural rendering and depictions of everyday life. These depictions were inspired by the Company School style of painting, and, in particular, from ‘The Fraser Album’, the masterpiece of late Mughal and Company School miniatures, compiled by her kinsmen William and James Fraser in India the early 19th century. Part of what roots Fraser’s technique in the school of traditional Rajasthani miniature painting is her use of stone pigments, handmade paper and natural brushes. Her knowledge of the art was learnt during years of apprenticeship with Ustad Ajay Sharma in Jaipur, under whose tutelage Fraser learnt how to grind and mix pigment as well as make wasli paper.

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