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The Book Ensemble: Conclusion

The final, closed-door session was led by Ajay Sinha with interventions by Geeta Kapur & Parul Dave-Mukherji. Sinha began with the observation that the broad-ranging discussion over the past few days has articulated a broad notion of what a book literally is, and this is a testament to how contemporary art broadens culture. Some of […]

Curation as Writing/Exhibition as Book – Part III: Amar Kanwar

Appropriately then, artist Amar Kanwar concluded the session with a presentation addressing his experience in documenting the lives of various subjects, in particular Burmese people, for his video, photography and installation work. Bringing to mind the earlier discussion prompted by Martinez’s encounter with the Benjamin archives, Kanwar feels overwhelmed by the volume of oral material […]

Curation as Writing/Exhibition as Book – Part III: Geir Haraldseth

The final bloc of ‘Curating as Writing/Exhibition as Book’ asked whether, in  a  world  that  is  in  collapse,  continuously  dismantling  itself,  the  exhibition is a narrative  form  that  is  able  to  capture  transient  and  liminal  states  of  being experienced collectively, through a shift from a solitary, and perhaps personal act, to an interdisciplinary and communal […]

Curation as Writing/Exhibition as Book – Part II: Chus Martinez

In the following presentation Learning about Relevance in a World that does not Read, Chus Martínez recalled a reluctant visit to the archives of Walter Benjamin, in which she encountered the scholar’s radically unusual codification and configuration of files. Martinez considered this experience in the context of contemporary codes, declaring that Benjamin was not trying […]

Curation as Writing/Exhibition as Book – Part II: Melissa Ratliff

Following the educational turn, Part II of the session asked how departures from the book form can be identified – through textual online interventions, collaborative writing  exercises,  sculptural and performative workshops/installations, lectures, poetry readings, audio essays, and so on. Melissa Ratliff, in her presentation Breathing Books in, Breathing Books Out began by noting that the […]