Category Issue 10 – Sculpture

Guest editor’s note : Diana Campbell

Dear Readers, It has been a delight engaging with writers from all over the world to ponder the potential and challenge that are tethered to the theme of sculpture. India has one of the oldest sculptural traditions in the world, which Dr. Seema Bawa and Dr. Hugo Weihe describe in their survey articles on Indian […]

Editor’s Note

TAKE Sculpture has been long overdue. And nothing could’ve been more appropriate for the theme of the tenth issue of TAKE on art. Yes, we are proud to have completed 10 successful issues covering themes like Black, Gallery, Modern, Oeuvre, Curation, Market, Design, Biennale, Collector and now Sculpture each one becoming a collectors issue! We […]

A History of Indian Antiquities

by Hugo Weihe and Tristan Bruck Medieval Bronze Masterpieces of the North and South The sculptural legacy of India is vast and expansive, stretching far back in to antiquity across the whole of the subcontinent; indeed, modern sculptors today carry on the tradition, working in stone and bronze in places like Mahabalipuram and Nagapattinam. The difficult […]


by Maya Kóvskaya, PhD The life and work of Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) – one of the most celebrated artists of our time – are monuments to the paradoxical nature of being in the world. The impetus of her lifelong creative and personal trajectory has been described as the need to “alleviate a core experience of […]

In remembrance – Kekoo Gandhy

by Manisha Gera Baswani There are days in ones’ lives that stay etched in our hearts. One such day for me was an afternoon I spent with Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy at their historic home in Bandra. It was here that Kekoo was born, had taken his first steps into the world, grown into a […]