Category Issue 09 – Collector

Editor’s Note : To Have and to Hold

Yves Klein in 1959 famously ideated a work called Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility where he sold empty space, an immaterial zone in the form of a certificate in exchange for gold; provided that the man who bought the certificate proceeded to burn it in front of the artist and other witnesses, making this purchase […]

The Beholder : Conversation with Mukeeta Jhaveri

by Ina Puri Mukeeta Jhaveri had strolled in with her children in tow and spent the evening explaining what she thought of the paintings to them. This is my first memory of her, from an exhibition held at Sakshi, maybe 15 years ago. As we became friends, and I visited her beautifully appointed home on Peddar Road, Mumbai, what had impressed me deeply was the very personal style with which […]

SINGLED OUT : Conversation with Ashiesh Shah

by Abhay Maskara  You could describe Ashiesh Shah as a young collector of contemporary art but that would only be scratching the surface. Not one to be swayed by the fashion of the moment or the success of signature artists, his collection more than adequately reflects his personality, his lifestyle and above all his confident […]

A Method in his Madness : Conversation with Anurag Khanna

by Deepika Sorabjee Anurag Khanna says he has always been a hoarder. That is probably the first manifestation of most collectors. He had a penchant for renovating the house every few years. It was marriage that brought his first art buys into his life. On a pre-wedding visit to Mumbai, specifically to shop for his […]

Monique Burger. Photo credits: Herlinde Koelbl.

An Insight into the Curatorial Process : Conversation with Monique Burger and her curatorial team

by Julia Marchand Since the early 1990s, the Swiss-born, Hong Kong based collectors Monique Burger and her husband have been building up a significant collection with an emphasis on Euro-American, Indian and Asian art. It boasts more than 1000 works from 120 artists – Atul Dodiya, Wim Delvoye, Tracy Emin, Gang Zhao, Ryan Gander, Chitra […]