Category Issue 06 – Market

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Who is the market maker? Forces in Tandem Market: The ‘taboo’ word – Who drives the wheels in the art market? Collectors, galleries, artists, dealers, power brokers, savvy investors, flippers, fakes or the fund managers!! Does the bullish market follow a local or global mantra? Can its wobbling be attributed to some definite factors? Does […]

An Af’fair’ to Remember – Will Ramsay

Will Ramsay is the owner of Affordable Art Fairs, Pulse Art Fairs and the co-owner of Art HK and India Art Fair. Bhavna Kakar met him at the launch event of Art HK 2011 and had a brief tete-a-tete on his footing in the art world. Bhavna Kakar (BK): The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) was launched in 1999, three years after […]


by Ina Puri It was during Art Frieze 2010 that Nirmalya first invited me to view his invaluable collection of art. I had spent the earlier part of the day at Regent’s Park viewing the exhibits at Frieze, meeting friends, making plans for the week and it had all been fairly stressful and exhausting. Then, […]

Treading with Caution: The Art Market in Uncertain Times

by Sonal Singh As a specialist at Christie’s South Asian Modern + Contemporary art department, one of my greatest joys is getting to handle and appreciate some of the finest works of art at first hand. Beginning with the sourcing of a piece, to its documentation and cataloguing and finally its sale, specialists work closely […]


by Manisha Gera Baswani When we view  sunrise or a great work of art, Chitrasutra says, we experience beauty (ananda) as we let dissolve our identities and attachments; and become one with the object of beauty. It is a moment that bestows on us the grace that underlies the whole creation. Art, it said, is […]