Curation as Writing/Exhibition as Book – Part III: Övül O. Durmusoglu

One is two, two is one, proposed Övül O. Durmusoglu in a presentation which took as its departure point the inclusion of a mirror in an exhibition ‘Future Queer’ which considered the overlap of past, present and future in  gender poetics. Via Rumi’s story of two rooms in which Chinese painters create a masterpiece while their Anatolian counterparts polish the room opposite to reflect the work of their rivals in even greater splendour, Durmusoglu pondered how curatorial writing is a reflection of curatorial intent. Like a mirror it can highlight, or expose particular flaws that might not appear in the original iteration. She suggested that the rise of populist fascism in many corners of the world is due to our inability to look in the mirror, and contemporary art is one of the few avenues to encourage this reflection.



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