Calder’s Model Universe

by Himali Singh Soin

There is no better model for me to choose
Than the universe:

Sense of motion space volume
Knowledge of the cosmic
Sympathy for the human

Variation between the elements of life
Not extractions but abstractions
Resembling the real only in its manner of reaction

I begin with shapes because they
are dynamic;
And the rest is left to chance.
All the while calculating for balance.

Detached bodies floating in space
Varying sizes and densities
Colors and temperatures
Some at rest some moving

Some nearertogether others far apart
Repeating repeating moving gesturing
Tight middling unpunctuated
Velocity acceleration energy

Angular and linear
Everything in motion
All in opposition
Chords and cadences of unknown movements
Penetrated by vectors
Traversed by momentum
Nothing for certain.

Lyrical invention
Technical mathematical combinations

Always in equilibrium-
But if tipped:
Crown of ripples dethroning their king
Abruptly causing a thousand swans to


Himali Singh Soin is a New Delhi based writer of fiction, poetry, art, culture and ideas with a degree in English Literature and the Theatre Arts from Middlebury College in Robert Frost Country. She likes drawing rickshaws, traveling to the source, connecting dots, plotting revolutions and imagining alternative realities full of the colour orange and spiral staircases and love.


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