Fly on the Wall #6

by Manisha Gera Baswani

Circles represent the cyclical essence of Indian view of life. Things evolve and return in a timeless dance – much like water in the river.

I see it everywhere – in individual evolution where one is constantly learning to unlearn. In relationships, where one is constantly defining the other through who one is becoming. In communities – where we work to become a tribe only to seek individual gratification which once met, allows us to be a tribe again. In societies, where feast follows famine, liberation follows taboo and peace follows war – in a seamless loop.

It’s a universal law where the electron must circle the nucleus, moon must orbit the sun, sun orbit the Milky Way and so on.

I tell a little story below where I try to jump off this spin cycle of time. I describe the scene from the different vantage points as I navigate through my own spherical odyssey. Each such stop is a chapter in my story – shaped in some way by the dramatis personae that I have CANONised below.

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Little dots,
Little dots.

Friends, peers, books and quotes,
Teacher, parents, spaces, shores.
Little dots……

They come calling,
From home and sometimes far.
And while I lay waiting,
My heart yearns,
Embrace them hard.

Some walk through doors wished open,
In the temple of my mind.
Others appear through prayers answered,
Through the maze of my thoughts.

I gaze, glazed,
As they enter my life.
Taking turns,
Sometimes not,
Softly touch me
Twice, thrice….

Little dots…
Of inspiration,
Showered, strewn.

Encircled, blankets of
On my canvas red, blue.

Carry with them wings and compass,
I now fly the skies free.
Through paths chosen as I fly them,
They have helped me be – Me.


Manisha Gera Baswani is a practising painter and has held solo exhibitions and participated in prominent group shows in India and abroad over the past 20 years. She developed her interest in photography while shooting artists at shows, at studios and camps. Manisha with her husband has built an intimate collection of contemporary Indian art for 12 years. Manisha works and lives in New Delhi.


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