Pink Elephant in Bathtub

by Himali Singh Soin

This is a poem inspired by Manjunath Kamath’s ‘Pink Elephant in Bathtub’ which both parodies and affirms the elusive guerilla artist, Banksy’s famous pink elephant in ‘Home Sweet Home’. The pink elephant is the thing that is big and bright and bursting forth before us, the superfluity that we birthed and then yearn to be rid of. The poet views the pink elephant not simply as looming issues of socio economics, but also as the world of independent, non-commercial art and literature, “tiny scowls wearing a chandelier’s plume”.

There is a pink elephant in my room
He does not shuffle, despite my refrain
Miniature eyes, a melancholic tomb.

He said Banksy hand crafted his costume
Bubble gum irony wedged in his frame
There is a pink elephant in my room.

Tiny scowls wear a chandelier’s plume
Lead tagged in Fuschia, blushing in shame
Miniature eyes, a melancholic tomb .

He has replaced all the things that did loom
Lost in my room: hair-pins, letters with no name.
There is a pink elephant in my room.

He asks in gloom how I do so much consume
I fumed, put him in a tub, monkey game
Miniature eyes, a melancholic tomb
I am to blame for his comic volume

He was exhumed from my tri-lipped womb
[A bomb some other writer shall inflame]
A pink elephant in my bathroom
Dissentful eyes, an anonymous tomb.


Himali Singh Soin is a New Delhi based writer of fiction, poetry, art, culture and ideas with a degree in English Literature and the Theatre Arts from Middlebury College in Robert Frost Country. She likes drawing rickshaws, traveling to the source, connecting dots, plotting revolutions and imagining alternative realities full of the colour orange and spiral staircases and love.


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